Music Quiz 2

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1. Which of the four Beatles was the youngest?

2. Dating back to the 19th century, which country's national anthem is the oldest?

3. With which instrument would you associate the jazz musicians Theolonius Monk and Art tatum?

4. The song you'll never walk alone comes from which musical?

5. Which pop group, who had 3 number 1 hits in the 1960's, was named after a John Wayne film?

6. Which 1990s pop group are named after a hit record by Bernard Cribbins?

7. Which composer of over 400 concertos was nicknamed 'The Red priest'?

8. Who had three UK Top Ten hits duet ting with Ronald Reagans first wife, Princess Grace of Monaco and David Bowie?

9. Who wrote the lyrics to the musical Starlight Express?

10. Which famous rock musician was a left handed guitarist who played a right handed guitar upside down?

11. On what road did Nellie the Elephant meet the head of the herd?

12. Which classical composers 'Ode to Joy' is the anthem of the European Union?

13. Who wrote 'Don't look back in anger'?

14. Which famous Russian according to the Stranglers "got an ice pick that made his ears burn"?

15. For what do the initials OMD stand?

16. Whose daughter was 'My Darling Clementine'?

17. What 2 50's pop stars died in the same plash as Buddy Holly?

18. Who was the Beatles first drummer?

19. Who was the first DJ to play a song on Radio 1?

20. Who first hit the charts in 1960 and had their last original solo hit in the UK with 'You got it' in 1989?


1. George Harrison

2. Japan

3. Piano

4. Carousel

5. The Searchers

6. Right Said Fred

7. Vivaldi

8. Bing Crosby

9. Richard Stilgoe

10. Jimi Hendrix

11. The road to mandalay

12. Beethoven

13. Noel Gallagher

14. Leon Trotsky

15. Orchestral manoeuvres in the Dark

16. A miner 49er

17. Richie Valens and the Big Bopper

18. Pete Best

19. Tony Blackburn

20. Roy Orbison

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