ABBA Quiz 1

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1. What are the first names of the 2 men who were in ABBA?

2. Three quarters of ABBA came from which Sweden, one of them came from another country, which?

3. In what year did they win the Eurovision Song Contest?

4. In which country was the Eurovision song contest held when they won?

5. Which well known 80s musical, including the record I know him so well did one of ABBA co-write?

6. On which ABBA record did they donate all their proceeds to the charity UNICEF?

7. What were the full names of the 2 women in ABBA?

8. What was then name of ABBA?s manager?

9. Which well known 80s and 90s duo made a tribute EP to ABBA?

10. In Sweden what else is known by the name ABBA, Is it:-
    a: A Swedish logging company, 
    b: A Swedish fast Food restaurant chain, 
    c: The Swedish word for Hotel, 
    d: The name of a Swedish football team or 
    e: The name of Swedish Tuna Factory  


1. Benny & Bjorn

2. Norway

3. 1974

4. England

5. Chess

6. Chiquitita

7. Agnetha Falkstog , Frida Lyngstad

8. Stig Anderson

9. Erasure

10. e: Swedish Tuna Factory


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