Music Quiz 10

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The following quiz round was submitted by Steven Burdin from the UK.

Steven presents his quiz at the Fox and Hounds, Newmillerdam, Wakefield every Wednesday and Sunday night.

Many thanks Steven, another great round!

 1. Which 4 words of a 1972 UK top 5 single subsequently became 4 different UK hit song titles in 1985,1983,1977 and 1975 respectively?

2. Name the 2 classic American actors Nik Kershaw has written songs about.

3. Name the 2 UK hit singles of the 1970s that only mention the songs title at the very end of the song.

4. Who recorded the original version of the song 'Substitute'? A 1978 number 2 hit for Clout.

5. Who became the first UK artist to record a Lennon and McCartney song when he recorded 'Misery' after Helen Shapiro had turned it down.It was released in July 1963 but failed to chart.

6. Who wrote and produced Jimmy Ruffins comeback hit of 1980 'Hold On To My Love'?

7. Which current star of Eastenders on British TV represented the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest of 1991?

8. Between 1987 and mid 1990, at least one song written by which trio was in the UK top 40 every single week?

9. Which group took their name from a line in the Prince song 'Raspberry Beret'?

10. What was Marvin Gaye's middle name?  


1. Solid Gold Easy Action by T Rex. 
    (Solid was Ashford and Simpson, Gold was Spandau Ballet, Easy by The Commodores and Action was The Sweet

2. Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney

3. Virginia Plain and Up The Junction

4. Righteous Brothers

5. Kenny Lynch

6. Robin Gibb

7. Samantha Janus

8. Stock, Aitken and Waterman

9. Lightning Seeds

10. Pentz


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