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Music Quiz Questions1. Which 'reclusive' group from Manchester sold more singles than the Beatles in 1965?

2. Name the musician or musicians portrayed in each of the following films.
    a. Bound for glory
    b. Yankee Doodle Dandy
    c. Lady sings the blues
    d. Backbeat 

3. Which band had hit singles with 'questions 67 and 68' and '25 Or 6 To 4' ?

4. What was the answer to the question "Are we not men?"?

5. In the film 'Pulp Fiction' Vince Vega and Mia Wallace win the dance contest by twisting to which Chuck Berry song?

6. Complete the following 'country song' titles with the name of a country.
    a. Shave (Tom Waits)
    b. The flowers of (R.E.M)
    c. Lost in (Bonnie Tyler)
    d. Just like (Elton John)
    e. Wild sewerage tickles (Squeeze)

7. "Now as through this world I ramble I see lots of funny men, some will rob you with a Six gun and some with a fountain pen" is a verse in the outlaw song 'Pretty Boy Floyd'.  Which prolific US song writer wrote the song?

8.  Camp singer Herbert Buckingham Khaury's stage name was which poorly character?     

9. What was the title of the 'coffee' song from each of the following?  
    a. Mike and the Mechanics
    b. Bob Dylan
    c. Cream
    d. Squeeze
    e. Duke Ellington
    f. Pointer Sisters
    g. Kate Bush

10. Which little genius composed the music in both Nat King Cole's hit 'Smile' and Petula Clark's hit 'This is my song'?


Download Music Quiz1. Herman's Hermits

2. Four Answers
    a. Woody Guthrie
    b. George M. Cohan
    c. Billie Holiday
    d. The Beatles

3. Chicago

4. We are Devo

5. You never can tell

6. Five Answers
    a. Burma
    b. Guatemala
    c. France
    d. Belgium
    e. Brazil

7. Woody Guthrie

8. Tiny Tim

9. Seven Answers
    a. Another cup of coffee
    b. One more cup of coffee
    c. Coffee song
    d. Black coffee in bed
    e. Coffee and Kisses
    f.  Black coffee
    g. Coffee homeground

10. Charlie Chaplin


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