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Music Quiz Questions1. Cool Hand Luke doesn't care about what "as long as I have my plastic Jesus riding on the dashboard of my car"?

2. Who released the following taxi songs?  
    a. Taxi
    b. Taxi Taxi
    c. Tijuana Taxi
    d. Big Yellow Taxi
    e. Early Morning Cold Taxi
    f. Mr. Cab Driver

3. How much is the fare on the 'Magic Bus'? 

4. Which car part was a song for 
    a. Radiohead
    b. The Wallflowers

5. In Bob Seger's song 'Night Moves',  in which make of car was he "workin on mysteries without any clues"?

6. Which fictional character is mentioned in Billy Ocean's song 'Get out of my dreams Get into my car'?

7. Which Neil Young song was about both an ex girlfriend and car?

8. Which make of car did each of the following have in a song title?  
    a. The Clash
    b. Prince
    c. Sheryl Crow
    d. Neil Young
    e. Wilson Pickett
    f. Janis Joplin
    g. The Who
    h. The Ramones
    i. Bob Dylan
    j. Garth Brooks
    k. Bob Seger

9. The following words are from which song ?     
    "sorry that I doubted you, I was so unfair, you were in a car crash and you lost your hair"

10. Who sang the following car songs?  
    a. Fast Car
    b. Cars
    c. Black Devil Car
    d. Drive My Car
    e. Don't Drive My Car
    f. Rental Car
    g. I'm in love with my car
    h. Driving in my car
    i. Daddy's gonna pay for your crashed car
    j. Somebody Stole My Car


Download Music Quiz1.  if it rains or freezes.  "I don't care if it rains or freezes as long as I have my plastic Jesus....."

2. Six answers  
    a. Harry Chapin
    b. Cher
    c. Herb Alpert
    d. Joni Mitchell
    e. The Who
    f. Lenny Kravitz

3.  "thruppence and sixpence every day"

4. Two Answers
    a. Airbag
    b. One Headlight

5.  60 Chevy; "Out in the back seat of my 60 Chevy"

6. Cinderella; "Hey Cinderella, step into your shoe"

7. Long May You Run

8. Eleven answers
    a. Cadillac (Brand New Cadillac)
    b. Corvette (Little Red Corvette)
    c. Volvo (Volvo Cowgirl)
    d. Trans Am (Trans Am) or Coupe de Ville (Coupe de Ville)
    e. Mustang (Mustang Sally)
    f. Mercedes Benz (Mercedes Benz)
    g. Jaguar (Jaguar)
    h. Camaro (Go Lil Camaro Go)
    i. Buick (From a Buick 6)
    j. Cadillac (Cowboy Cadillac)
    k. Thunderbird (Making Thunderbirds)

9. Don't Pass Me By (Beatles or Ringo)

10. Ten answers   
    a. Tracy Chapman
    b. Gary Numan
    c. Jamiroquai
    d. Beatles
    e. Status Quo
    f. Beck
    g. Queen
    h. Madness
    i. U2
    j. Kinks


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