Pauls Name That Girl Quiz 3

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With the aid of the following lyrics name the girl in each song

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1. Waits at the window wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door.

2. Hitch hiked her way cross the USA, plucked her eyebrows on the way.

3. She invented medicinal compound.

4. Your lips feel like winter, your skin has turned to white.

5. She got a police bike, she got a turned up nose.

6. Thought she was a woman but she was another man.

7. Words mean so little when you look up and smile.

8. But I heard you let that little friend of mine take off your party dress.

9. I just gotta talk to her, I'll only keep her a while.

10. What'll you do when you get lonely and nobody waiting by your side.


1. Eleanor. (Eleanor Rigby, The Beatles)

2. Holly. (Walk on the wild side, Lou Reed)

3. Lily. (Lily the Pink, Scaffold)

4. Lady D'Arbanville. (Lady D'Arbanville, Cat Stevens)

5. Jean. (Blue Jean, David Bowie)

6. Loretta. (Get Back, The Beatles)

7. Clair. (Clair, Gilbert O'Sullivan)

8. Alison. (Alison, Elvis Costello)

9. Sylvia. (Sylvia's Mother, Dr. Hook)

10. Layla. (Layla, Derek and the Dominoes)


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