Pauls Name That Girl Quiz 2

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With the aid of the following lyrics name the girl in each song

Download Music Quiz1. She's the waitress who wants to be a star.

2. You got me rockin and a rollin, rockin and a reelin.

3. The stars won't come out if they know you're about.

4. Now she's gone and I have to say, meet you all the way, meet you all the way.

5. Her dog days just begun, now everybody is on the run.

6. You're beautiful but ain't it time we said goodbye.

7. And she never walk down Lime street any more.

8. She's leavin now cause I heard the slammin of the door.

9. Do you ever dream of me, do you ever see the letters that I write?

10. I like the way you walk I like the way you talk.


Music Quiz Questions1. Rachel. (Picture Postcards from LA., Joshua Kadison)

2. Barbara Ann. (Barbara Ann, Beach Boys)

3. Candida. (Candida, Tony Orlando and Dawn)

4. Rosanna. (Rosanna, Toto)

5. Janie. (Janie's got a gun, Aerosmith)

6. Angie. (Angie, Rolling Stones)

7. Maggie Mae. (Maggie Mae, trad. Beatles)

8. Ruby. (Ruby, don't take your love to town, Kenny Rogers)

9. Nikita. (Nikita, Elton John)

10.Suzie Q. (Suzie Q, Creedence Clearwater Revival)


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