Kids TV Themes from the 90s Quiz 2

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The following video is freely available via YouTube. Simply play the audio via a sound system.

The clip contains 20 short intros of kids TV theme music from the 1990s (of course, you may use less if you so wish)

Internet link to the video:

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Many thanks to Chris for creating this very useful resource.


1. Tom & Jerry

2. Dexter's Laboratory

3. Animals of Farthing Wood

4. Dennis the Menace

5. Funny Bones

6. Johnny Bravo

7. Doug

8. The Wild Thornberrys

9. Albert the Fifth Musketeer

10. The Raggy Dolls

11. The Tweenies

12. The Riddlers

13. Bump the Elephant

14. Yvon of the Yukon

15. Bear in the Big Blue House

16. Tiny Toon Adventures

17. The Moomins

18. The Family Ness

19. Mega Maths

20. Words and Pictures

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