Pauls British Invasion Quiz 1

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1. Known as "the most trusted man in America", which iconic TV anchorman coined the term 'British Invasion'?

2. Plus or minus 10 million, an estimated how many US television viewers watched the Beatles first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show?

3. Which band from London were the 2nd group of the British Invasion to appear on The Ed Sullivan Show?

4. Which female singer was the second British Invasion act after The Beatles to enter the US Top 100?

5. Which two instrumentals from British acts reached number 1 in the US charts before the British Invasion?

6. On the 4th of April, 1964, The Beatles held the top five positions in the Billboard Hot 100. Can you name the songs? One point for each correct answer.

7. Billboard Magazine ranked The Beatles as the 2nd best singles act of the year 1965. Which very likeable British band was ranked No 1?

8. Bus Stop, No Milk Today and For Your Love were all hits songs in the US during the British Invasion. Which G.G., later of 10CC fame, wrote these songs?

9. Which Kinks song was a US hit for the Herman's Hermits?

10. Under which nickname did Lesley Lawson storm the US during the British Invasion? 


1. Walter Cronkite

2. 73 million

3. The Dave Clark Five

4. Dusty Springfield (I Only Want To Be With You)

5. Two answers. Stranger On The Shore (Acker Bilk) and Telstar (The Tornados)

6. Five answers. In order: Can't Buy Me Love, Twist & Shout, She Loves You, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Please Please Me

7. Herman's Hermits

8. Graham Gouldman

9. Dandy

10. Twiggy


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