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Music Quiz Questions1. In which films would you find the following songs? 
    a. Tubular Bells (Mike Oldfield) 
    b. The End (The Doors) 
    c. Two Hearts (Phil Collins) 
    d. The Circle of Life (Elton John) 
    e. Up where we belong (Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes) 
    f. Everything I do I do it for you (Bryan Adams) 
    g. Love is all around (Wet Wet Wet) 
    h. Don't Bogart that joint my friend (Fraternity of Man) 
    i. The acid queen (Tina Turner) 
    j. Knockin on heavens door (Bob Dylan) 
    k. It must have been love (Roxette) 
    l. The star spangled banner (Jimi Hendrix)

2. What did Bay City Roller fans suffer from? 11 letters 5th letter e

3. What did Ringo particularly like about Beethoven?

4. Who was credited with the new guitar playing technique in the late 1970's called 'tapping'?

5. Who sang the original ... in brackets are some of the cover versions? 
    a.  Mr Bo-Jangles ( Sammy Davis Jr., Robbie Williams, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) 
    b.  Beast of Burden (Bette Midler) 
    c.  Mama told me not to come ( 3 Dog Night, Stereophonics) 
    d. Act naturally ( The Beatles ) 
    e. Go West (Pet Shop Boys) 
    f.  Seasons in the sun (Terry Jacks) 
    g. Rockin all over the world (Status Quo) 
    h. Walk away Renee (Four Tops) 
    i. Universal soldier ( Donovan ) 
    j. Blinded by the light (Manfred Man) 
    k. The air that I breathe (The Hollies) 
    l. Cats in the cradle (Ugly Kid Joe)

6. Which album with a city in the title did Rolling Stone Magazine call the best album of the 1980's?

7. Who sang the following one hit wonders? 
    a. Streets of London 
    b. Pop Muzik 
    c. Ring my bell 
    d. Funky town 
    e. Dominique 
    f. Judy in disguise

8. Which English football superstar had a top ten hit in Germany?

9. Which actor sang MacArthur Park?

10. In song, on which body of water do accountants fight like pirates?


Download Music Quiz1. Twelve Answers
    a. The Excorcist 
    b. Apocalypse Now 
    c. Buster 
    d. Lion King 
    e. An officer and a gentleman 
    f. Robin Hood, prince of thieves 
    g. Four weddings and a funeral 
    h. Easy Rider 
    i. Tommy 
    j. Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid 
    k. Pretty Women 
    l. Woodstock

2. Rollermania

3. His poems

4. Eddie van Halen

5. Twelve Answers
    a. Jerry Jeff Walker 
    b. Rolling Stones 
    c. Randy Newman 
    d. Buck Owen 
    e. Village People 
    f. Jacques Brel 
    g. John Fogerty 
    h. Left bank 
    i. Buffy St. Marie 
    g. Bruce Springsteen 
    k. Albert Hammond 
    l. Harry Chapin

6. London Calling (The Clash)

7. Six Answers
    a. Ralph McTell 
    b. M 
    c. Anita Ward 
    d. Lipps Inc or Pseudo Echo
    e. The singing nun (Soeur Souirre) 
    f. John Fred and his playboy band

8. Kevin Keegan (Head over heels in love)

9. Richard Harris

10. On the "wide accountants sea" (accountancy) From Monty Python in the film 'The Meaning of Life'


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