Jazz and Blues Quiz 1

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1. Which jazz trumpeter appeared with his group at the 1994 BBC Proms?

2. Which famous jazz musician appeared in the film High Society?

3. What nationality was the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt?

4. Which famous jazz club is the subject of a 1984 Francis Coppola film?

5. Which record gave Acker Bilk a Top Ten hit in 1961?

6. Which Hollywood actor directed a 1988 feature film about the life of Charlie Parker?

7. Which famous jazz club is located on Soho?s Frith Street?

8. Who played the title role in the 1927 film The Jazz Singer?

9. Which instrument was played by jazzman Jack Teagarden?

10. The film Jazz on a Summer?s Day is a recording of which annual musical event?  

11. What was Louis Armstrong's nickname?

12. Which singer recorded the 'When Harry Met Sally' soundtrack?

13. Who recorded 'Hoochie Coochie Man' and 'Got My Mojo Working'?

14. Which guitarist released the album 'Ballads and Blues'?

15. Who played Billie Holliday in the film 'Lady Sings The Blues'?

16. Which veteran blues performer recorded 'The Healer'?

17. What instrument is associated with Courtney Pyne?

18. Which virtuoso jazz drummer started out in a vaudeville act as Baby Trapps the Drum Wonder?

19. Which group did Bruce, Baker and Clapton form?

20. What nationality is Nina Simone?  

21. Which trad jazzer?s trade mark is a bowler hat and waistcoat?


1. Wynton Marsalis

2. Louis Armstrong

3. Belgian

4. The Cotton Club

5. Stranger On The Shore

6. Clint Eastwood

7. Ronnie Scott?s

8. Al Jolson

9. Trombone

10. The Newport Jazz Festival  

11. Satchmo

12. Harry Connick Jnr

13. Muddy Waters

14. Gary Moore

15. Diana Ross

16. John Lee Hooker

17. Saxophone

18. Buddy Rich

19. Cream

20. American  

21. Acker Bilk


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