Tribute Songs Quiz 1

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Name the song that:

1. Chris de Burgh sang about his wife

2. Roberta Flack sang about Don McLean

3. John Denver sang about his wife

4. Eric Clapton sang about Patti Boyd

5. Elkie Brooks sang about Janis Joplin

6. Don McLean sang about the painter of Sunflowers

7. Mike Oldfield wrote about John Lennon

8. Stevie Wonder sang about Martin Luther King

9. Phil Lynott wrote for his daughter

10. Elton John sang about Billie Jean King  


1. Lady in Red

2. Killing me softly with his song

3. Annie’s song

4. Layla

5. Pearl’s a singer

6. Vincent

7. Moonlight Shadow

8. Happy Birthday

9. Sarah

10. Philadelphia Freedom  


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