Music Quiz 12

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1. Which solo artist also had UK top ten hits with Queen, Mick Jagger and Bing Crosby?

2. In which city was Joe Cocker born?

3. Which group took its name from two characters in the tin tin adventures?

4. Which record by Slade has re-entered the charts virtually every year since its release in 1973?

5. Who was Elvis Presley?s manager?

6. With which group were Pete Best and Stuart Sutcliff associated?

7. Which singer appeared on stage at both Wembley and Philadelphia during the live aid concert?

8. Who partnered Annie Lennox in the Eurythmics?

9. Which record company did George Michael take to court to try and terminate his contract with them?

10. Cliff Richard featured on 2 UK no 1?s with the same title 27 years apart. What was it called?  

11. Who was the lead singer with Bronski beat and the Communards?

12. ?Candy says?, ?I?m set free? and ?all tomorrows parties? were songs by which group?

13. What was the name of the sex pistols first single?

14. Who composed the music for the good the bad and the ugly?

15. How is singer Paul Hewson better known?

16. Who was the last person to join the rolling stones?

17. Who released an album called ?paranoid and sunburnt? in 1995?

18. Which singer fronted the punk band X-Ray Spex?

19. Who according to Steve Wonder is as distant as the Milky Way?


1. David Bowie

2. Sheffield

3. The Thomson Twins

4. Merry Christmas Everybody

5. Colonel Tom Parker

6. The Beatles

7. Phil Collins

8. Dave Stewart

9. Sony

10. Living Doll  

11. Jimmy Sommerville

12. The velvet underground

13. Anarchy in the UK

14. Ennio Morricone

15. Bono (U2)

16. Ron Wood

17. Skunk Anansie

18. Polly Styrene

19. My Cherie Amour


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