Buildings Quiz 4

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1. What is the name of Edinburgh's cathedral?

2. Which former home of Madame de Pompadour became the official residence of the French President in 1873?

3. In which country would you find the 2,000-year-old - aqueduct of Segovia with its spectacular 120 arches?

4. Name the largest Gothic church in northern Europe.

5. The Unknown Soldier of Italy is buried within the huge structure of the Vittorio Emanuel Monument. What is the nickname of this monument?

6. Name the British architect who was the designer of the Houses of Parliament, Westminster (1840-60).

7. What is the name of the official country home of the British Prime Minister, near Princes Risborough in Buckinghamshire?

8. Who was the French engineer who conceived the idea of the Suez Canal -completed in 1869?

9. George III bought it in 1762 and the architect John Nash rebuilt it in 1825. What is it?

10. Of which fine Yorkshire stately home did Horace - Walpole say, 'I have seen gigantic palaces before, but never such a sublime one'?

11. What name is given to the part of a building where bells are hung?

12. Edward VI was born there; Mary and Elizabeth held court there; and Charles I lived there as a king and a condemned prisoner. Which palace is this?

13. Name the third largest cathedral in England after St.Paul's and York Minster

14. Name the world's largest office building

15. In which English city would you find the cathedral of Christ the King which has a stained glass cylinder which culminates in 16 pinnacles which form a crown of thorns against the sky?

16. It was Charles II who founded the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, where the Chelsea Pensioners live. Who designed this building?

17. How many storeys has the Empire State Building in New York?

18. Where would you find the Mathematical Bridge, so named because it is allegedly constructed without using nails based solely on geometrical principles?

19. Which building in London was christened the National Cruet Stand when it was built in 1838?

20. In which city are the Petronas Towers  


1. St Giles

2. Elysee Palace

3. Spain

4. York Minster

5. The Wedding cake

6. Sir Charles Barry

7. Chequers

8. Ferdinand de Lesseps

9. Buckingham Palace

10. Castle Howard

11. Belfry

12. Hampton Court Palace

13. Lincoln Cathedral

14. The Pentagon

15. Liverpool

16. Sir Christopher Wren

17. 102

18. Cambridge

19. The National Gallery

20. Kuala Lumpur


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