Buildings Quiz 3

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1. What is a campanile?

2. What name is given to the style of church building in the period 1360-1540?

3. What type of bridge is the Tower Bridge in London?

4. In which English cathedral would you find a tower, named Bell Harry?

5. An architectural structure was built in London and is 0' known as the Monument. What does it commemorate?

6. Which feature of the cathedral of Chartres in France is famous?

7. Where would you find the 7 metre bronze statues of St Michael and the Devil by Sir Jacob Epstein?

8. In which English stately home would you find the Canaletto Room where 21 masterpieces by this great ~ artist are hung?

9. The Triumphal Way, the Water Gardens and the Sunken Italian Gardens are famous features of which palace?

10. In architectural terms, what name is given to a low storey of a building between two higher ones?  

11. Which buildings did Don Quixote mistake for evil giants?

12. Who was the English civil engineer responsible for the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Royal Albert Bridge?

13. Name the Swiss architect responsible for the chapel of Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp?

14. Durham Cathedral has one of the most majestic examples of which type of architecture?

15. Who was the French administrator and planner who replanned the city centre of Paris between 1853 and 1868 and laid down the foundation of today's beautiful city?

16. What is the architectural term used to describe the central part of a church between the choir and the entrance?

17. He was an architect -one of four Scottish brothers who developed a characteristic style in planning and decoration, including the design of Harewood House, Osterley Park, Syon House and Kenwood. Who was he?

18. In which building is the Lord Mayor's Banquet held?

19. What name was given to the towers built along the Sussex and Kent coasts in 1804 as a defence against the threatened French invasion?

20. Sears Tower is 110 storeys high. In which American City would you find this building?  


1. A detached bell tower

2. Perpendicular

3. A Bascule bridge

4. Canterbury Cathedral

5. The Great fire of London

6. Its stained glass

7. Coventry Cathedral

8. Woburn Abbey

9. Blenheim Palace

10. Mezzanine

11. Windmills

12. Brunel

13. Le Corbusier

14. Norman

15. Baron Haussmann

16. Nave

17. Robert Adam

18. The Guild Hall

19. Martello Towers

20. Chicago 


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