Ferries Quiz 1

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1. Which group had a hit in 1965 with ferry across the Mersey?

2. Which Thames riverboat sank in August 1989 with the loss of over 50 lives?

3. In Greek mythology, what is the name of the ferryman who rows the dead across the River Styx?

4. Which song, written by John Lennon gave Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music a number 1 in 1981?

5. Which European ferry sank in 1994 with the loss of nearly 1000 lives?

6. Whose hits include Don?t pay the Ferryman and the Lady in Red?

7. Which short lived TV series of the early 80s was set on a cross channel ferry?

8. On which island is Tarbert the main ferry port?

9. What does the P & O stand for as in P & O ferries?

10. Which abolitionist hero in 1859 seized the Arsenal at Harpers ferry?


1. Gerry & the Pacemakers

2. The Marchioness

3. Charon

4. Jealous Guy

5. Estonia

6. Chris de Burgh

7. Triangle

8. Harris

9. Peninsular & Oriental

10. John Brown


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