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1. In the Wars of the Roses, which house did a white rose represent?

2. Whitebait, eaten whole, is the young of which European fish?

3. The 18th century writer and journalist Gilbert White. What was his specialist subject that was the basis for most of his works?

4. What are the primary concerns of white blood cells (or corpuscles)?

5. At which Christian festival are people baptised wearing white garments?

6. Which white crumbly cheese is named after a valley in North Yorkshire?

7. Which African city's name, when literally translated, means 'White House'?

8. Which drink is a sweet or dry white wine flavoured with bitter herbs and fortified with alcohol Made in France, Italy and the USA.

9. With which skin condition do you get small white or red itchy blisters in hot or humid conditions?

10. In the board game Monopoly, how much does it cost to buy Whitechapel?


1. House of York

2. Herring

3. Natural History

4. Body defence mechanisms and repair

5. Whit Sunday

6. Wensleydale

7. Casablanca

8. Vermouth

9. Prickly Heat

10. ?60


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