Name the Year Quiz 1

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For this round, contestants must guess in which year each of the listed events took place

Mystery Year Quiz1. Tory party conference was bombed, Mrs. Gandhi assassinated, First 'Terminator' film was shown.

2. Norway rejected EU membership, inauguration of the Channel Tunnel, Brian Lara broke 4 cricket records, First women priests ordained by CE.

3. Decimal currency introduced, Idi Amin seized power in Uganda, Britain agrees to join EEC.

4. Trial of the Moors murderers, Arkle won the Cheltenham Gold Cup for third year running, Aberfan disaster, Rhodesia declared a republic.

5. Massacre in Tiananmen Square, Berlin Wall knocked down, Twin Peaks first shown, Nigel Lawson resigned as Chancellor.

6. David Steel became Liberal leader, Sue Barker won the French Open, More people now had colour TV (than B/W), Muppet Show first shown.

7. Charles and Diana divorced, Publication of the Scott report (Arms to Iraq), Massacres at Dunblane and Tasmania, New Severn bridge opened.

8. The Profumo Affair, The Great Train Robbery, Mass civil rights demonstration in Washington, The Great Escape first shown.

9. John McCarthy taken hostage in Beirut, Space shuttle exploded killing crew of 7, Halley's comet returned, 'Today' newspaper was launched.

10. Jeremy Thorpe cleared of murder, Government lost a 'no confidence' vote, First nudist beach in Britain, Wales won 4th Triple Crown in a row.


1. 1984

2. 1994

3. 1971

4. 1966

5. 1989

6. 1976

7. 1996

8. 1963

9. 1986

10. 1979


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