Beliefs and Ideas Quiz 1

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1. Which ancient Greek philosopher thought that knowledge emerges through dialogue and systematic questioning?

2. Which Christian festival celebrates the coming of the Magi?

3. Who is the head of the Shi?ite sect of Islam?

4. Which astronomer said ?Finally we shall place the Sun himself at the centre of the Universe??

5. What is the name of Hindu festival of light?

6. Which country do Rasterfarians regard as the promised land?

7. What is the stage before full sainthood?

8. Which religion has two sects Red hat and yellow hat?

9. Which Japanese emperor disavowed his divinity in 1946?

10. What in Hinduism is the sum of a persons actions, which affects his or her fate in their next life?

11. To which religion is the Ganges the most sacred river?

12. Who is the exiled spiritual leader of Tibet?

13. What nationality was Sigmund Freud?

14. Which German church reformer is regarded as the instigator of Protestantism?

15. Which great philosopher was a pupil of Socrates and a teacher of Aristotle?

16. What is the alternative name of the church of the latter day saints?

17. Who was the emperor of Ethiopia whom Rastafarians regard as the Messiah?

18. Who propounded the theory of Relativity?

19. What is the name of the slender tower from which Moslems are called to prayer?

20. The Babylonian Talmud is one of the sacred texts of which religion?


1. Socrates

2. Epiphany

3. Ayatollah

4. Copernicus

5. Divali

6. Ethiopia

7. Beatification

8. Lamaism

9. Hirohito

10. Karma

11. Hindu

12. Dalai Lama

13. Austrian

14. Martin Luther

15. Plato

16. The Mormon Church

17. Haile Selassie

18. Albert Einstein

19. Minaret

20. Jewish


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