Water and Shipping Quiz 2

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1. What is the fastest passenger cruise liner in service?

2. What was the name of the raft that Thor Heyerdahl sailed from Peru to Polynesia on?

3. Which side of a ship is the port side?

4. What is the worlds largest inland port?

5. What name is given to the powered water taxis of Venice

6. Which company was the first to offer a regular passenger service across the Atlantic?

7. What was the former name of the passenger liner ?Norway? which was for many years the largest passenger liner in the world?

8. What was the name of the first aircraft carrier?

9. What is the name of Athens port?

10. Who was Edward Smith?  


1. QE II

2. Kon Tiki

3. Left

4. Montreal

5. Vaporetto

6. Cunard

7. The France

8. The Argus

9. Pirreus

10. Captain of the Titanic


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