Famous Firsts Quiz 1

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1. Helen Sharman was the first British woman to go where?

2. Who was the first Spanish golfer to win the British Open?

3. In which decade did the first wheel clamps arrive in Britain?

4. Which Charles first flew non-stop across the Atlantic?

5. Which actor starred in the first talkie movie?

6. Who discovered the first antibiotic?

7. Who were the first pop group to be seen on the British Channel 5?

8. The Bates Motel first appeared in which film?

9. Golda Meir was the first female Prime Minister of which country?

10. Who, in 1975, became the first black player to win the Wimbledon Singles title?

11. What was the cargo of the first 11 ships to go to Australia?

12. Who was the first woman to read the news?

13. What first did Cathy Sullivan achieve in 1984?

14. Which gymnast achieved a perfect score in  1976 ? 

15. Who in 1927 made the 1st solo non-stop flight across the Atlantic ?

16. Which countries flag was the first to reach South Pole?

17. Who made the first cross channel flight on an aeroplane in 1909?

18. Who in 1968-69 was the first man to sail round the world without stopping?

19. Who is the first lord of the treasury in the UK?

20. Emile Jennings & Janet Gaynor were the first winners of what in 1928?

21. Who was the first American president to resign from office?

22. In which year did the first passengers travel through the channel tunnel (+-1)

23. Who was the first player to sent off while playing for England?

24. In which year was the first Eurovision Song Contest (+-2)?

25. According to the bible, who was first to see Jesus after his resurrection?

26. What's the first word in the bible?

27. Nancy Astor was the first woman to do what in 1919?

28. Who was the first Bond girl?

29. What was the first Sherlock Holmes tale?

30. Which famous first in Television Advertising is held by Bird's Eye Frozen Peas?


1. Into Space

2. Severiano Ballesteros

3. 1980's

4. Lindbergh

5. Al Jolson

6. Alexander Fleming

7. The Spice Girls

8. Psycho

9. Israel

10. Arthur Ashe

11. Prisoners

12. Angela Rippon

13. 1st US woman to walk in space

14. Nadia Komenetchi

15. Charles Lindberg

16. Norway

17. Beleroit

18. Robin Knox Johnson

19. PM Gordon Brown

20. Oscar

21. Richard Nixon

22. 1993

23. Alan Mullery

24. 1956

25. Mary Magdalen

26. In

27. Become an MP / sit in the House Of Commons

28. Ursula Andress

29. A study in scarlet

30. The first product advertised in the UK in colour


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