Two out of Three Quiz 1

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For each of the following there are 3 answers. Give any two for the points

1. Which resorts are collectively known as Torbay?

2. Which internal organs are involved in a triple transplant?

3. John Higgings became the 4th John to win the world Snooker championship. Name two of the previous three

4. In which categories are Shakespeare plays placed?

5. King Canute ruled which countries?

6. Which male Robinson's have presented Points of View?

7. What were the names of the popes in 1978?

8. 1n 1989 4 European Communist countries lost power. Czechoslovakia was one, name 2 of the other 3?

9. What names are given to the main parts of a comet?

10. Name 2 of the 3 last Poet Laureates of the 20th Century?


1. Torquay, Paignton, Brixham

2. Heart, Liver & Lungs

3. Parrott, Spencer, Pulman

4. Tragedies, Comedies & Histories

5. England, Denmark, Norway

6. Robert, Kenneth, Tony

7. John Paul I, John Paul II and Paul VI

8. Poland, East Germany, Hungary

9. Nucleus, Coma, tail

10. Andrew Motion, Ted Hughes, John Betjeman


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