Palaces Quiz 1

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1. Who?s official residence is Lambeth palace?

2. In which year did the Crystal Palace in London burn down?

3. Who, according to the song, said: "They're changing the guard at Buckingham Palace"?

4. Which palace is home of the Sun King?

5. In which year did the storming of the Winter Palace in St Petersburg take place?

6. Who addressed the crowd from the balcony of his palace days before being executed in December 1989?

7. From which palace used the BBC to broadcast?

8. In which Capital City would you find the famous Grand Palace home to the Emerald Buddha?

9. Which regiment of soldier's guards the Palace of St Peter in Rome?

10. The palace of the Duke of Mantua provides the setting for which Verdi opera of 1851?


1. Archbishop of Canterbury

2. 1936

3. Alice

4. Versailles

5. 1917

6. Nikolai Ceausescu

7. Alexandra Palace

8. Bangkok

9. The Swiss Guard

10. Rigoletto


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