Half Baked Quiz 1

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1. Who preceded Tom Baker as Dr. Who?

2. What is the Yiddish name for a hard glazed ring-shaped bread roll?

3. There are two crusts that form the outermost part of the structure of the Earth. What are the two crusts called?

4. Where would you find Mr. and Mrs. Bun and their off-spring?

5. Why was Amelia Bloomer famous in her day? Was it 
    a. She was noted for a series of embarrassing blunders, 
    b. she invented the Bloomer loaf or 
    c. she invented the article of clothing called Bloomers?

6. What sort of organism is yeast?

7. Which pastry is made with an egg-enriched dough of piping consistency and used for sweet or savoury confections (e.g. eclairs) ?

8. Which pie, popular with Londoners, gives its name to an island in the Thames?

9. Where, in Britain, would you get a Spring Roll?

10. Who had a hit in 1985 with a song called 'Icing On The Cake'.


1. Jon Pertwee

2. Bagel

3. The oceanic crust and the continental crust.

4. Happy Families

5. c. She invented the article of clothing called Bloomers

6. Fungus

7. Choux Pastry

8. Eel Pie

9. Chinese Restaurant/Take-Away

10. Stephen 'Tin Tin' Duffy


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