Hell and Damnation Quiz 1

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1. Which French poet wrote A season of Hell in the 1870?s shortly before giving up writing poetry?

2. Which eccentric millionaire directed the 1930 film Hell?s Angels?

3. Which English poet wrote ?Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven??

4. ?No hell below us, above us only sky? is a line from which number 1 record from 1981?

5. Which section of Dante?s The Divine Comedy is set in hell?

6. Which book by Clive Barker was filmed and featured characters called the Cenobites?

7. What did Jean Paul Sartre describe hell as?

8. The Gates of hell is a well known work by which famous sculptor

9. Who plays the devil in the latest stage version of the Witches of Eastwick?

10. Which Mozart opera climaxes with the leading character being dragged down to hell?


1. Arthur Rimbaud

2. Howard Hughes

3. John Milton

4. Imagine

5. The inferno

6. Hellraiser

7. Other People

8. Rodin

9. Ian Mcshane

10. Don Giovanni


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