Billys Fun Quiz 1

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The following questions were provided by Billy from Freiburg im Breisgau, cheers Billy, great questions.

1. Genuphobia is the fear of what?
    a: Genius
    b: Kangaroos
    c: Genghis Khan
    d: Knees

2. Who have the worst teeth and the most heart attacks in Europe?
    a: The Irish
    b: The Scottish
    c: The Finnish
    d: Shane McGowan

3. Johnny Cash was once violently attacked by which animal?
    a: A fox
    b: A wolf
    c: An ostrich
    d: Brittney Spears

4. What is true about the world's first novel?
    a: it was written in French
    b: it was written by an Irishman
    c: it was written by a woman
    d: it was written in bat faeces

5. True or false: sharks have more bones than cats

6. What does the country name "Canada" mean?

7. What is unusual about Frank Beard of the band ZZ Top?

8. Where (on which continent) is the driest place on earth?

9. Plus or minus 5%, what percentage of people are born colourblind?

10. True or false: Men can breastfeed/lactate

11. Which army only kills on average 24 people per year?

12. True or false: 45% of all people urinate in the shower

13. True or false: Stilts were invented by French Shepherds who didn't like to get their feet wet.

14. True or false: Chicken tastes of chicken.


1. d: Knees

2. b: The Scottish

3. c: An ostrich

4. c: It was written by a woman - Japanese woman in fact, Murasaki Shikibu, in the year 1007 (title transated is "The tale of Genji")

5. False

6. It is Indian for "Big Village"

7. He has no beard / never performed with a beard.

8. Dry valleys region of Antarctica - no rain for over 2 million years

9. 100% - we all are, were.

10. True, albeit only a tiny amount

11. The Swiss army

12. True

13. True again

14. False - chicken tastes of bacteria


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