Starters Quiz 1

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1. What is a beguine (as in the song 'Begin the Beguine')?

2. How did it start for Hot Chocolate in 1982?

3. How much is a starter question worth in University Challenge?

4. According to Professor Stephen Hawking, what event gave rise to the beginning of time?

5. Complete this line from Genesis 1:1 'In the beginning....'

6. Which character was created by the cartoonist Reg Smythe?

7. Where did the Great Fire of London begin?

8. Before all day opening was allowed, at what time could pubs open on a Sunday evening?

9. 'Match of the day' and 'Top of the pops' were both first shown in the same year? Which year?

10. Who coined the phrase 'i've started so i'll finish'?


1. South American dance

2. It Started With A Kiss (Song Title)

3. Entree

4. Big Bang

5. God created the heaven and the earth

6. Andy Capp

7. Pudding Lane

8. Seven p.m.

9. 1964

10. Magnus Mangnusson


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