Yellow Quiz 1

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1. Yellowstone Park is the world's largest geyser area. What is a geyser?

2. Which of the Beatles refused to have anything to do with 'Yellow Submarine' necessitating an actor to provide the voice?

3. Which pale yellow seedless grape grown for winemaking is used dried in cakes and puddings?

4. Into which sea does the Yellow River flow?

5. How does one catch Yellow Fever?

6. Which pale yellow mild-flavoured cheese was made originally by Trappist monks in NW France?

7. What name describes any of several butterflies with striking orange, yellow, brown, and black colouration?

8. Which yellow vegetable was introduced to Scotland from Scandinavia?

9. In the game of snooker, which ball is placed between the yellow and the green, at the start of the game?

10. Polaris is a yellow super giant about 500 light years away. What is it better known as?


1. Spring of hot water and steam

2. Paul McCartney

3. Sultana

4. Yellow Sea

5. Mosquito bite

6. Port Salut

7. Tortoiseshell

8. Swede

9. Brown

10. Pole Star or North Star


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