Colours Quiz 1

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1. How was King William III of England, who ruled from 1689-1702 also known?

2. How did we better know the TV puppet whose real name was Paul Metcalfe and who voiced by Francis Matthews?

3. In a popular animated film of 1968, what was the name of the wicked bunch of people who suck the colour out of people and bop them on the head with apples?

4. What was the name of the Serbian secret society who were pledged to the liberation of Serbs from Hapsburg & Ottoman rule, who on June 28, 1941 assassinated the Austrian Archduke Francis Ferdinand, which led to the outbreak of WWI?

5. Which player scored the only goal of the 1980 Football League Cup final, when Wolves beat Nottingham Forest 1-0?

6. Based on the Butlin?s Red Coats, what colour coats did the entertainments staff at Maplins in the TV series ?Hi De Hi? wear?

7. What was the title of a 1956 comedy starring Alastair Sim as an assassin lured out of retirement to do away with a pompous politician, the film?s title being the name of a seaside hotel where the deed is to take place?

8. Which of the planets, the 4th from the sun, is known as ?The Red Planet??

9. Why was America?s famous White House painted white in the early 19th Century?

10. Which record was a No.1 hit in 1955 for both Perez Prado and Eddie Calvert?

11. The feet of the Puffin are red in the summer, what colour are they in winter?

12. Who was Queen Victoria?s favourite Gillie?

13. Who first flew the Atlantic non-stop with Alcock in 1919?

14. What is another name for the Linden tree?

15. Who was the first DJ to be heard on Radio-One?

16. In general terms (keep it clean), what is a Military Policeman called?

17. What sort of room would you expect to meet stage actors and actresses, producers and critics?

18. What is the name of the flag flown at sea by a ship when there is disease on board?

19. Which shipping company owned the ill-fated ship Titanic?

20. What colour are the flowers of the laburnum tree.


1. William of Orange

2. Captain Scarlet

3. Blue Meanies (The film being 'Yellow Submarine)

4. Black Hand

5. Andy Gray

6. Yellow

7. Green Man

8. Mars

9. To hide bomb marks

10. Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White

11. Yellow.

12. John Brown

13. Arthur Whidden Brown. (Brown will do).

14. Lime.

15. Tony Blackburn.

16. Redcap.

17. Green room

18. Yellow jack.

19. White Star Line.

20. Yellow.


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