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The following questions were submitted by Tig from the UK. Cheers Tig, much appreciated, and great questions too!

1. The M25 motorway was officially opened in which year?

2. Who are Milo, Jake, Bella and Fizz better known as?

3. What 'B' is the name of President Bush's Scottish Terrier?

4. What is Achluophobia the fear of?

5. In which country is the source of the river Danube?

6. Which county cricket side plays its home games at Old Trafford?

7. Speed skating began on frozen drainage dykes in which country?

8. What does the Abbreviation OPEC stand for?

9. Put these places in order of longitude WEST from London, United Kingdom: MEXICO CITY, SAN FRANCISCO, BALTIMORE

10. Who played the title role in the 2005 film Nanny McPhee?


1. 1986

2. The Tweenies

3. Barney

4. Darkness

5. Germany

6. Lancashire

7. The Netherlands (Holland)

8. Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries

9. Baltimore, Mexico City, San Francisco

10. Emma Thompson


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