Waynes Quiz 1

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The following questions were submitted by Wayne in Spain once again. Thanks Wayne, good questions. Wayne asks: "Are you smarter than a ten year old"?

1. What name is given to the offspring produced by the mating of two unrelated animals or plants?

2. In which country is Montego Bay ?

3. What name is given to any animal without a backbone?

4. In which English county is the port of Plymouth?

5. What is the capital of Poland?

6. What is the name of the donkey in the Winnie-the-Pooh stories?

7. What is the Jewish New Year called?

8. What is the larvae of a frog called?

9. Which strait separates the north & south islands of New Zealand?

10. The parietal bone is in which part of the human body?


1. Hybrid

2. Jamaica

3. Invertebrate

4. Devon

5. Warsaw

6. Eeyore

7. Rosh Hoshana

8. Tadpole (not spawn check dictionary for larvae)

9. Cook strait

10. The skull your head will do


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