Tiggers Quiz 1

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The following quiz questions were submitted by Paul Gillatt from the UK. Cheers Paul, great job, many thanks.

1. Which 2 sets of initials come next, h.w, e.h, h.w, j.c, m.t, j.m?

2. BCN is the 3 letter code for which international airport?

3. Film anagram: risk hat for oldest era?

4. Dipsophobia is the fear of what?

5. Which cocktail of vodka and orange juice shares its name with a tool?

6. Actor Burt Ward is best known for playing which sidekick?

7. What is the capital city of Canada?

8. Which thick sauce of egg yolks with oil, vinegar and seasoning is named after an ancient Minorcan port.

9. How much does it cost to buy Trafalgar Square on a monopoly board?

10. Which is the longest London underground train line? 


1. answer: T.B (British Prime ministers since 1970), then G.B. (Gordon Brown)

2. Barcelona

3. Raiders of the lost ark

4. Drinking

5. Screwdiver

6. Robin (alongside adam west's batman)

7. Ottawa

8. Mayonnaise (after mahon)

9. ?240

10. Central line (74 miles) 


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