Famous Quotes Quiz 2

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1. A Park, A Policeman, A Pretty Girl? were whose ingredients for comedy?

2. Who claimed he transformed Elvis Presley from having a million dollars worth of talent to having a million dollars?

3. Who told his followers ?A Scout smiles and whistles under all circumstances??

4. Who boasted ?When you are as great as I am its hard to be humble??

5. Who first urged Beethoven to roll over in 1956?

6. Which director said ?There is no terror in a bang, only in suspense??

7. Who preferred ?50,000 rifles to 50,000 votes??

8. Who first talked of Natural selection?

9. Who addressed a mouse as a ?sleekit, cowrin, tim?rous beastie??

10. Who predicted in 1865 that the ?star spangled banner of the United States? would be planted on the moon?


1. Charlie Chaplin

2. Colonel Tom Parker

3. Robert Baden Powell

4. Muhummad Ali

5. Chuck Berry

6. Alfred Hitchcock

7. Benito Mussolini

8. Charles Darwin

9. Robert Burns

10. Jules Verne


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