Billys Fun Quiz 2

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The following questions were provided by Billy from Freiburg im Breisgau, cheers Billy, great questions.

1. St Clare is the patron saint of what 
    a. Alcohol 
    b. Television
    c. Internet 
    d. Sore knees

2. What is Michael Keaton's real name?
    a: Michael Caine
    b: Michael Jackson
    c: Michael Douglas
    d: Leonard Wankdorf

3. True or false: Butterflies have 150 eyes

4. Henry the second of England liked to be amused on Christmas day by
    a: Walking about the court naked
    b: Watching a man pass wind for his amusement  
    c: Throwing cats from a tower
    d: Getting drunk and pi**ing on a servant

5. According to a book released last year (2007), who ?did not shower, smellt bad, was flatulent and ate a lot in bed??
    a: Lassie the dog
    b: Audrey Hepburn
    c: Janis Joplin
    d: Marilyn Monroe

6. True or false: You can break a diamond with a hammer

7. What was the cause of Rasputins Death?

8. What is the most frequently heard song in the world?

9. True or false: Iceland is the largest producer of bananas in Europe.

10. What do all the numbers of a roulette wheel add up to?

11. What will happen if you feed your dog toothpaste?

12. Which Bird's eye is bigger than its brain?

13. Who said that ?having sex facing north would mean having a stronger baby?
    a: Aristotle
    b: Tom Cruise
    c: Julius Caesar
    d: Mel Gibson

14. What caused the death of over 100 million people due to Spanish flu in 1918?
    a: The Spanish
    b: The French
    c: Ducks
    d: Mosquitos

15. What happened to the dead body of Henry the eighth
    a: It got lost
    b: It exploded in warm weather
    c: It was eaten
    d: It was given a burial fit for a King

16. True or false: Jingle Bells was the first song to be sung in space.

17. True or false: Mr Bean once tried to assassinate Queen Victoria

18. Who once said "I get to go to a lot of famous places, like Canada"
    a: Brittney Spears
    b: Celine Dion
    c: Bryan Adams
    d: Robbie Williams

19. True or false: Coprophobia is the fear of going to the toilet

20. What did Vincent Van Gogh do with his ear after he chopped it off
    a: Sent it to his Brother, Theodore
    b: Gave it to a prostitute
    c: Painted it
    d: Pretended to be deaf without it


1. b. television

2. c. Michael Douglas

3. False: ~1200

4. b: Watching a man pass wind for his amusement  (Roland the farter, who was given 30 acres of land for his duties to the King)

5. d: Marilyn Monroe

6. True

7. Hypothermia

8. (Nokia ring tone) Gran Vals

9. True

10. 666

11. It will hallucinate

12. Ostrich

13. a: Aristotle

14. c: Ducks

15. b: It exploded in warm weather

16. False

17. True: John Bean, that is.

18. a: Brittney Spears

19. True

20. b: Gave it to a prostitute


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