Billys Fun Quiz 3

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The following questions were provided by Billy from Freiburg im Breisgau, cheers Billy, great questions.

1. True or false: You can't sneeze in your sleep

2. True or false: Mount Everest is the largest Mountain on earth

3. A man recently convicted of trying to have sex with his bicycle is 
    a: English
    b: Scottish
    c: Welsh
    d: Irish

4. Who invented the word vomit?

5. Which European country has 158 verses to its national anthem?

6. True or false: Scooby doo?s first name is Henry

7. Why was a seal called Hoover so famous?

8. What creature is known to sleep for up to three years 
    a: Sloth
    b: Koala bears
    c: Snails
    d: Students?

9. In 1974 Actor Jack Nicholson discovered what about his family
    a: Both his father and mother were gay
    b: His Sister was his Mother
    c: His Brother and Sister were his parents
    d: He was adopted

10. Abdel-Rahim Qenavi was a survivor of Egypts biggest ever rail tragedy which killed 360 people. Unfortunately he died on the way back home, how did he die?
    a: He was ran over by a bus
    b: He choked on a Subway
    c: He fell in front of a train
    d: He was ran over by a cyclist

11. True or false: Rick Allen the one armed drummer of def leppard released a solo album called "swimming in circles"

12. In London,  this year six elderly men received a letter from their local hospital informing them of what?
    a: They died in their sleep
    b: They had to have a hysterectomy
    c: They were pregnant
    d: They were old

13. What happened to the empire state building in 1945?

14. Which Country has the most tornadoes?

15. Which silent film actor entered a look a like competition and lost?

16. True or false: Turtles can breathe through their bottom

17. The leader of which country has his face on all the joghurt pots, has named the month January after himself and banned ballet.

18. What was the name of king Herod's wife? 
    a: Henry
    b: Colin
    c: Doris
    d: Ursula

19. What was hairdresser Big Beard Wang famous for?

20. True or false: Winston Churchill was born in toilet (bathroom, to our American cousins)


1. True

2. False (it is the highest. Largest is Mauna Loa)

3. Scottish

4. William Shakespeare

5. Greece

6. False: Scoobert

7. He could talk, imitate human voice in a Bostonian accent

8. c: Snails

9. b: His Sister was his Mother

10. c: He fell in front of a train

11. False

12. c: They were pregnant

13. It was hit by a B52 bomber

14. The United Kingdom

15. Charlie Chaplin

16. True

17. Turkmenistan

18. Doris

19. He shaved Chairman Mao's cat

20. True: in the Ladies in fact (obviously)!


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