Hobbies, Games and Pastimes Quiz 3

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1. How much would you pay for Trafalgar square, on a monopoly board?

2. How many compartments are there on a roulette wheel?

3. What value is given to the letter c on a game of scrabble?

4. With which card game would you associate Mr. Bun the baker and Mrs. Bun the baker's wife?

5. How many cards are dealt to each player in contract bridge?

6. In which pastime would you start in front of the south stake?

7. What is the maximum number of puller's allowed in a tug-o-war team?

8. Which metal is normally used to make a set of darts?

9. Name the only two pieces that may be used to make the 1st move in chess?

10. What would a nomologist be interested in?

11. On a dartboard what number lies between 9 and 11?

12. What sport has four different colour codes for the balls?

13. In which sport do you aim objects towards a ?House??

14. In fencing, which is the heavier weapon: the foil or the epee?

15. From what is the sword made in the Japanese martial art of Kendo?

16. What colour is the centre-scoring zone of an archery target?

17. If an American footballer talked about ?Zippers?, what would he mean?

18. What is a person who makes arrows called?

19. In Ice Hockey, what are ?Puck-stoppers??

20. Which team won the FA Cup in 1992?


1. ?249

2. 37

3. 4

4. Happy Families

5. 13

6. Croquet

7. 8

8. Tungsten

9. Pawn, Knight

10. Scientific Laws

11. 14

12. Squash

13. Curling

14. The Epee

15. Strips of Bamboo

16. Gold

17. His Scars

18. A Fletcher

19. Knee & Shin Pads

20. Liverpool


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