Brown Quiz 1

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1. Which sort of brown sugar comes from the West Indies?

2. What film is about Christy Brown, the painter who suffered from cerebral palsy?

3. Which technique is usually used to catch brown trout? bait, or fly-fishing?

4. Which French expression, which also means 'stylish', is used to describe beef braised with vegetables and served with a rich brown sauce?

5. Which pack is headed by a brown owl?

6. In which town is John Brown Yard, where the liner 'Queen Elizabeth II' was built?

7. What was the nickname of Lancelot Brown?

8. Which reddish-brown colour is the colour of most racehorses?

9. With cream fur, and dark brown ears, face, tail, legs, and feet, the Seal-point is the original and most popular variety of which breed of animal?

10. Which American poet and wit wrote this epigram: 'Beneath this slab John Brown is stowed. He watched the ads And not the road.'


1. Demerara

2. My Left Foot

3. Fly fishing

4. A la mode

5. Brownies

6. Clydebank

7. Capability Brown

8. Bay

9. Siamese Cat

10. Ogden Nash


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