Airborne Quiz 2

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1. Which company sponsored the world's largest Ferris wheel, the "London Eye"?

2. What is the maximum cruising speed of Concorde?

3. How did Alcock and Brown achieve fame in early aviation history?

4. What's the national airline of Israel called?

5. What does APEX stand for, as in APEX tickets?

6. If you were to fly to Heraklion Airport where would you be going on holiday?

7. The new Japanese airport in Osaka Bay is reported to be the worlds most expensive building project ever at ?10 Billion, what is the airport called?

8. Which is the greater flying distance London to Capetown or London to Hong Kong?

9. In terms of passengers handled per year, which is the world?s busiest airport?

10. What sort of craft was the "Breightling Orbiter 3?


1. British Airways

2. Mach 2

3. First crossing of the Atlantic by plane

4. El Al

5. Advance Purchase Excursion ticket

6. Crete

7. Kansai International Airport

8. Capetown is about 6010 miles, Hong Kong is about 5980 miles

9. Chicago

10. Balloon


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