Billys Fun Quiz 4

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The following questions were provided by Billy from Freiburg im Breisgau, cheers Billy, great questions.

1. True or False: Lightening strikes the earth 17 million times a day

2. True or False: A mountain climber from the Netherlands once got to the summit of K2 then choked to death on a lump of ice whilst trying to drink

3. Why did Englishman Captain Arthur Webb cover himself in Goose Fat before he went swimming?

4. Plus or minus 3, how many first names exist in Bali?

5. True or False: The first monkey in space was called Albert II who died when his parachute failed

6. Which city has the most billionaires in the world

7. Mr. Chicken was the last private resident of which famous London Address

8. True or False: Spiders have the biggest brains amongst all insects

9. The bible was translated  into what language for the first time in 1994?

10. True or False: Buzz Aldrins' mother's maiden name is was Moon

11. True or False: George Bush once said "The thing that's wrong with the French is that they don't have a word for entrepreneur"

12. What is panophobia?

13. Which religious leader said we should wander lonely as a rhinocerous?

14. Who was the famous son of Andrew Bond and Monique Delecroix?

15. True or False: If Barbie was real she would be seven feet tall and have to walk on all fours due to the size of her breasts

16. True or False: Turkeys can reproduce without sex

17. True or False: Thomas Edison once designed a helicopter that ran on gunpowder; he blew up his factory testing it.

18. Jumping Frenchman syndrome is an actual  disease which causes its suffererers to
    a) Jump up and down singing in French
    b) Believe they are speaking French even if they cannot speak a word of French
    c) Jump up and down waving their arms repeating the same words over and over
    d) An uncontrollable urge to eat too much Garlic and sleep with prostitutes


1. True

2. False

3. He was the first man to swim the English Channel, it protected him from the cold

4. Four

5. True

6. Moscow

7. 10 Downing Street

8. False, ants have

9. Klingon

10. True

11. True

12. Fear of everything

13. Buddha

14. James Bond

15. True

16. True

17. True again

18. c) Jump up and down waving their arms repeating the same words over and over


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