Billys Fun Quiz 5

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The following questions were provided by Billy from Freiburg im Breisgau, cheers Billy, great questions.

1.  True or False, Abraham Lincoln's children kept goats in the Whitehouse

2. Due to a mistake in translation, how did parker pens mistakenly advertise their new ball point pen in Mexico
        a) Parker Pens will make your penis bigger
        b) Parker Pens will get you stoned
        c) Parker Pens will not leak in your pocket and make you pregnant 
        d) Parker Pens will not accidentally have sex with you

3. Which capital cities name will you find on every continent?

4. Where is the only royal palace in the united states?

5. What food substance was found in Tutunkhamuns burial chamber and was found to be still edible?

6. A 77 year old woman from Freital near Dresden recently made a citizen's arrest against a twenty five year old man. She rugby tackled him, Pulled his hair and sat on him until the police arrived. What did he do?
    a) Walked across the road when the light was still red
    b) Urinating in a bin
    c) Shitting in a bin
    d) refusing to give her a seat on the strassenbahn

7. Who was the first person to win two nobel prizes?

8. Many years ago Change and Eng Bunker were a well known double act, Chang seriously assaulted a member of the audience. Why was he not punished?

9. Joan of arc is the patron saint of what?
        a) funeral directors
        b) grave diggers
        c) Bonfires
        d) Barbecues

10. What is fugu? 

11. Where would you find the largest known volcano?

12. What is bogyphobia
    a) fear of mucus
    b) fear of marshes
    c) fear of the irish
    d) fear of the bogeyman

13. Hans Adam the second once threatened to sell Leichtenstein if he wasn't given more power, who did he threaten to sell it to?

14. What was won for the first time by Koroibos, a naked chef.

15. True or False: Giraffes give birth standing up

16. What can the platypus sweat
    a) Coca cola
    b) Beer
    c) milk
    d) vodka

17. True or False: Malaria was once used as a cure for syphillus


1.  True

2. c) Parker pens will not leak in your pocket and make you pregnant 

3. Rome

4. Hawaii

5. Honey

6. a) Walked across the road when the light was still red

7. Marie Curie

8. They were siamese twins

9. a) funeral directors

10. Japanese puffer fish or balloon bombs

11. Mars

12. d) fear of the bogeyman

13. Bill Gates

14. Event at the first Olympics

15. True - the young drop 6 feet to the ground

16. c) milk

17. True


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