Blue Quiz 1

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1. Which university are the light blues, Oxford or Cambridge?

2. Who is the author of 'Porterhouse Blue' which lampoons university life?

3. On an ice hockey rink, the red line divides the rink in half. What do the blue lines do?

4. Which stairway to heaven is also a blue harebell shaped flower?

5. Which BBC comedy series featured a character called Bluebottle?

6. Which cocktail is made of gin or vodka, with lemonade, ice and blue curacao?

7. In Australia, who would carry a bluey?

8. Which style of music, a precursor of reggae, mingled local calypso with rhythm and blues?

9. The Blue Peter is a blue signal flag that indicates that a merchant vessel is about to sail. What white object appears in the middle of the flag?

10. Of which larger mountain range are the Blue Ridge mountains a part?


1. Cambridge

2. Tom Sharpe

3. Divide it into three equal sized playing zones

4. Jacob's ladder

5. Goon Show

6. Blue Lagoon

7. A bushman (blue blanket in which a bundle is carried)

8. Ska

9. Square

10. Appalatians


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