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The following quiz questions and answers were submitted by Pascal (from the team "Evolution") from Freiburg, Germany. Thanks Pascal, Great job!

1. Who or what is "Allen Smithee"?

2. Which sound effect has been used since 1951 in over 100 films, tv-shows and video games?

3. In his essay "Eureka" from 1849 the American literate Edgar Allen Poe anticipates which astronomic theory 80 years ahead?

4. True or false: More U.S. Vietnam veterans have committed suicide than U.S. soldiers were actually killed in the Vietnam War. (Not counting soldiers wounded or missed)

5. Which Acadamy Award winning director (best original screenplay) played the baby being baptized in The Godfather (Part 1)?

6. What was Albert Einstein sure about?

7. What was the name of Charles Darwins famous tortoise? (1 Point) The tortoise died on 23 June 2006. Plus/Minus 10, at what age? (1 Point)

8. Which disease did Julius Cesar suffer from?

9. What was the only world city unconditionally open to Jewish refugees during the second world war?


1. "Allen Smithee" is a pseudonym used since 1968 by Hollywood directors who want to disassociate from a film or do not want to be credited for it.

2. The Wilhelm Scream. It has been used for example in all parts of the Indiana Jones Trilogy, all Star Wars movies except Episode 1, part 2 and 3 of The Lord of the Ring. Usually someone falls off of a horse or a car because he is shot or bangs his head against the branch of tree. A nice compilation can be found on

3. The theory of the "Big Bang". Poe considered this work to be his masterpiece. It also anticipates black holes and offers a solution to the Olber's Paradox (If the universe is static and infinite, then the light of the stars should turn the night sky bright, but still it is dark).

4. This is true. According to a study of the U.S. Congress from 2007, about 58.200 soldiers were killed in action. The number of veterans that have committed suicide has exceeded this figure in October 2007. The house of representatives has now unanimously adopted a new law focussing on the prevention of suicide. Signature of George W. Bush is to be expected around this time.

5. Sofia Coppola. Strangely enough the baby is supposed to be a boy as it is the son of Conny Corleone and Carlo Rizzi, the latter being killed after the ceremony by Michael Corleones men, although he himself had stood godfather for the child.

6. The infinity of human stupidity. His famous quote is: "Two things are infinite: The universe and human stupidity. But I am not sure about the universe."

7. The name of the tortoise was Harriet. Also acceptable is Harry, which is the name of the creator of the zoo at Brisbane Botanic Gardens. It was only discovered in 1960 that the tortoise was actually a female. Thus, the name was turned into Harriet, herself being now about 130 years old. Harriet died at the age of 175 years and thereby is the second oldest tortoise ever authenticated. The oldest one was Tu'i Malila which died in 1965 at the age of 188.

8. Epilepsy.

9. Shanghai


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