Health and Beauty Quiz 1

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1. Which type of fat can increase your cholesterol level in your blood?

2. Which organ would a doctor inspect with his otoscope?

3. Haematology is concerned with what?

4. What treatment is based upon the idea that there are energy channels in the feet that relate to every organ and function of the body?

5. Ketosis would result from the lack of what in your diet?

6. Which organ produces insulin?

7. Which gland produces the hormones that control the body?s metabolism?

8. What is your patella?

9. How many amino acids is it essential for adults to obtain from food?

10. What would an exfoliating face pack do to your skin?

11. Osteoporosis is a weakness and brittleness of what?

12. What does the S stand for in AIDS?

13. In which part of the body is a human's longest bone?

14. Shiatsu is a massage technique from which country?

15. In which country was the first ambulance used?

16. What is another name for the breastbone?

17. Reflexologists massage which part of the body?

18. What is the most common element in the human body?

19. Which part of the body is affected by conjunctivitis?

20. What was the nationality of the founder of the Red Cross?


1. Saturated

2. Ear

3. Blood diseases

4. Reflexology

5. Carbohydrate

6. Pancreas

7. Thyroid

8. Kneecap

9. 8

10. Remove dead skin cells

11. Bones

12. Syndrome

13. Thigh

14. Japan

15. France

16. Sternum

17. Feet

18. Oxygen

19. Eyes

20. Swiss


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