Stones Quiz 1

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1. In Imperial Measurement How Many Stones Are There In A Hundred Weight?

2. In Which Irish County Would You Find The Blarney Stone?

3. Which Was The Rolling Stones First U.K. Number One, Its All Over Now, Can't Get No Satisfaction Or The Last Time?

4. What Came Between The Stone Age And The Iron Age?

5. In Which U.S. Cop Series Did Karl Malden Play Detective Mike Stone And Michael Douglas Play Inspector Steve Keller?

6. Which Jockey Rode The Winner Of The 2000 Grand National On Pappillion

7. What Was The Name Of The Character Played By Warren Mitchell In Till Death Us Do Part?

8. What Did Opal Fruits Change Their Name To

9. In An Advertising Song From The 1970'swhat Works Wonders, Works Wonders?

10. Which Wedding Anniversary Is Your 30th?


1. Eight

2. County Cork

3. Its All Over Now

4. Bronze Age

5. Streets Of San Francisco

6. Ruby Walsh

7. Alf Garnet

8. Starburst

9. Double Diamond

10. Pearl


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