Colours Quiz 2

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1. What colour is chlorophyll?

2. What colour is haemoglobin?

3. What colour is the surface of Mars?

4. What colour is the planet Neptune when viewed from Earth?

5. What colour is the longest wavelength of visible light?

6. The dye indigo can be obtained naturally from which kind of organism?

7. What colour is the mineral lazurite?

8. In which branch of science is the Red-Shift important?

9. When our sun runs out of fuel it will briefly pour out which colour of light?

10. What name is given to the blue-green coating that forms as a natural patina on copper, bronze and brass?

11. By what name is Priscilla White better known?

12. In which year was colour television introduced to Britain? Was it 1965, 1966, 1967 or 1968

13. Who wrote The Color Purple?

14. Where in Great Britain are the Black Mountains?

15. Who played the part of Velvet Brown in National Velvet?

16. Where can the Blue Grotto be found?

17. What colour is Topaz?

18. With What song did Procal Harum have their first number 1 hit in 1967?

19. In which novel did Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson first appear?

20. Who owned a horse called Black Bess?


1. Green

2. Red

3. Red

4. Blue

5. Red

6. A Plant

7. Blue

8. Astronomy

9. Red

10. Verdigris

11. Cilla Black

12. 1967

13. Alice Walker

14. South Wales

15. Elizabeth Taylor

16. Capri, Italy

17. Yellow

18. A Whiter Shade of Pale

19. A study in scarlet

20. Dick Turpin


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