Ologies Quiz 1

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1. What would an ichthyologist study?

2. Palaeontology is the study of what?

3. Where would you expect to find a speleologist?

4. Of what is mycology the study?

5. What would a toxicologist study?

6. The study of the history and derivation of words is which 'ology'?

7. What part of the body would a phrenologist be interested in?

8. Herpetology is the study of which creatures?

9. What part of the body would a rhinologist specialise in?

10. Which 'ology' means the study of the origin of the universe?


1. Fish

2. Fossils

3. In A Cave

4. Fungi

5. Poisons

6. Etymology

7. The Skull

8. Reptiles

9. The Nose

10. Cosmology


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