Crime and Punishment Quiz 3

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1. To within 10 years, when was Dick Turpin hanged?

2. In which month was President Kennedy assassinated?

3. Mary Ann Nicholas and Mary Kelly were victims of who?

4. In which Gloucester street was the West?s house of horror?

5. What was the profession of Ann Marie Cotton hanged in 1873?

6. Who was Britain's last chief hangman?

7. Alphone Bertillon and Sir Francis Galton were concerned with which aid to criminal detection?

8. In which East end pub was George Cornell shot?

9. In the 1970s who was accused of stealing a passport and a fur coat of Miss World?

10. In the 17th century which judge sat on the so-called Bloody Assizes?

11. In which sensational case was wireless telegraphy first used to apprehend a murderer?

12. At what number in Rillington place did John Christie live?

13. In the 60s who did James Earl Ray assassinate?

14. What did Thomas Blood try to steal in the 17th century?

15. To within 2 years, when was the last hanging in Britain?

16. In 1981, who wounded President Reagan?

17. Which parts of the body went into a pillory?

18. What was Albert Henry DeSalvo's nickname?

19. In which city did Burke and Hare operate?

20. In opera who wanted 'to let the punishment fit the crime'?


1. 1739 (1729-1749)

2. November

3. Jack the Ripper

4. Cromwell Street

5. Nurse

6. Harry Allen

7. Finger prints

8. The Blind beggar

9. George Best

10. Judge Jeffreys

11. Dr Crippen

12. 10

13. Martin Luther King

14. The Crown Jewels

15. 1964

16. John Hinckley

17. Neck And Wrists

18. Boston Strangler

19. Edinburgh

20. The Mikado


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