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1. Which buildings did Don Quixote mistake for evil giants?

2. Who was the English civil engineer responsible for the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Royal Albert Bridge?

3. Name the Swiss architect responsible for the chapel of Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp?

4. In which country would you find the worlds tallest offices, the Petronas towers?

5. Who was the French administrator and planner who replanned the city centre of Paris between 1853 and 1868 and laid down the foundation of today?s beautiful city?

6. Which English cathedral did Sir Basil Spence design in the later half of the 20th century?

7. In which building is the Lord Mayor?s Banquet held?

8. Sear Tower is 110 story?s high in which city can it be found?

9. Other than New York in which other city can The Statue of Liberty be found?

10. What is London?s best example of a Bascule of bridge?

11. Which house in London used to be known as 'Number One London'?

12. St George's Chapel is found in which royal residence?

13. It is an ancient palace and fortress in Spain, in Grenada, famous for its fountains, nightingales and trees -what is its name?

14. Who designed The Cathedral Church of St Michael in Coventry, which was consecrated in May 1962?

15. What was the name of the City of London's first theatre for 300 years which was opened in 1959?

16. Gilbert Scott designed the Albert Memorial in London and was knighted for his work. In which park would you find this memorial?

17. What famous building would you find in the city of Agra?

18. In which English cathedral does a mechanical figure known as Jack Blandiver sound the quarter-hours with two hammers on a small-suspended bell?

19. Can you name the largest Christian church in the world?

20. What is the high tower of a Moslem Mosque called?


1. Windmills

2. Brunel

3. Le Corbusier

4. Malaysia

5. Baron Haussmann

6. Coventry

7. The Guild Hall

8. Chicago

9. Paris

10. Tower Bridge

11. Apsley House

12. Windsor castle

13. The Alhambra

14. Sir Basil Spence

15. The Mermaid

16. Kensington Gardens

17. Taj Mahal

18. Wells Cathedral

19. St Peter's Rome

20. A Minaret


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