Black or White Quiz 1

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1. Which comedy series features a manservant called Baldrick?

2. In the 1982 World Cup which 17 year old became the youngest ever player at that time to appear in the World Cup Finals?

3. Which duo charted with Agadoo?

4. How is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue better known?

5. Who shared a home with Ginger and Merrylegs?

6. Which song by Grandmaster Flash advised against snorting Cocaine?

7. The Nawab of Bengal was responsible for establishing which Indian prison?

8. In which film did James Cagney play gang leader Cody Jarrett?

9. Which rock group led by Ozzy Osbourne took their name from a Dennis Wheatley novel?

10. In which song did Procal Harem sing about 16 vestal virgins?  


1. Blackadder

2. Norman Whiteside

3. Black lace

4. The White house

5. Black Beauty

6. White Lines

7. Black hole of Calcutta

8. White Heat

9. Black Sabbath

10. A Whiter shade of pale


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