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The following quiz round was submitted by Eric from Finland. Many thanks Eric, surely an interesing subject for some of our readers.

1. Standard to the iphone is a device that allows the user to flip the screen from landscape to portrait mode simply by rotating the phone. By what name is this function better known?

2. The iPhone 3G (or iPhone 2.0) was released on the 11th of July 2008 to most parts of the world. When was it's predecessor (the iPhone) released in the USA? Month and Year. Perhaps a bonus point for the day.

3. The iPhone was designed in California, USA, but where was (is) it built?

4. What is the difference in weight between the iPhone 3G and the original iPhone? Indicate which is the heaviest.

5. Without looking, where does the SIM card go, top of bottom?

6. How much data can an iPhone store - ie; how many gigabytes?

7. The Digital Rights Management system on the iPhone was broken by a group of hackers, which allowed for other non-Apple applications to be installed onto the devices. By what name is such a cracking of Digital Rights Management better-known?

8. A similar handheld device is also available from Apple that has most features that the iPhone has, minus the telephone. What is the name of this device?

9. Which internet browser is installed on the iPhone?

10. The iPhone is also fitted with a camera. How many megapixels is it rated at?


1. A (3-axis) accelerometer

2. 29 June 2007

3. China (Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., in Shenzhen, China - to be precise)

4. 2 grammes.  iPhone 3G 133g (4.7 oz) and original iPhone 135g (4.8 oz), therefore the original was heavier.

5. Top

6. 8Gb or 16Gb (the 4Gb model has been discontinued)

7. Jailbreaking (or sometimes Privilege escalation)

8. Apple iPod Touch.

9. Safari Browser from Apple

10. 2 megapixels.

    iPod, iPhone and iPhone 3G are all trademarks of Apple Inc.


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